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February 6, 2012



The name Al-Barru is derived from:

1). One of Allah’s names mentioned in Surah (Chapter) 52, ayah (verse) 28:

“Indeed before (in the world) we used to pray to Him. Verily He is al-Barru (the Most Subtle, Kind, Courteous, and Generous) al-Rahim (the Most Merciful)”.

So in this context, the word al-Barru is the way Allah (via the Qur’an) calls Himself “a source of all vitues”. No virtues that we (humans) can imagine without referring to Him. Humans can not ‘create’ virtues. Humans can only ‘actualize’ the virtues that have already existed potentially in them.

Whatever good happens to you it is from Allah; whatever evil happens to you it is from yourself. We have sent you to mankind as a messenger, and Allah is Sufficient as a Witness.(4: 79)

2). One of the Qur’an vocabularies which means “land”. So in its use it is always paired with al-bahr (sea). The word in this sense appears 12 times in the Qur’an. For example:


Corruption (damage, disorder) has appeared on land and sea because of people’s hands, so that He may make them taste something of what they have done and perhaps they may repent.

3). If the letter ‘ba’ is given a kasrah (vowel or underlined) — so that it is read as al-birr –, it means a charity or Piety. In the Qur’an, this form appears as many as 8 times. For example:

You will not really attain al-birr (a perfect piety) until you (can) spend out of that you love (in Allah’s Cause); and Allah surely knows well whatever you give away (S.3: 92)

In conclusion, the word al-Barru is used so that the commentaries can really serve as: 1) a source of good teaching which can inspire readers to actualize all virtue potentials that are still stored neatly inside them, 2) a solid foundation like a land where the man is carrying out humanitarian tasks.

May it happen …!!!



English Version


Our Thanks to Mr. Purna Irawan

Publication of Tafseer al-Barru in English version is a significant leap in the development of Tafseer al-Barru to the future, because it allows non-Indonesian language readers to take advantages. For this English version, we are indebted to Mr. Purna Irawan for reaching out his spiritual hands to all of us by being willing to translate it into English sincerely. May God ease all his affairs, lengthen his age, make his body healthy, give happiness to his family, and accept this work as a bounty for him.

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